Radiology Imaging Technology is a two-year Diploma Level program. Radiology is adopted in Medical Science when images of the organs of patient’s body is required to diagnose the diseases associated with it and in turn treat the patient accordingly. In fact, in the present era of advancement of Technology, Radiology is classified into two major domains viz Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology. One domain is used to study X-Ray images in order to detect diseases or injuries whereas the other uses imaging techniques such as CT Scans, MRI, etc., for the purpose of providing treatment.

Radiology Imaging Technology program enables the aspirants to get exposure in Bio Physical and Health Sciences so that they acquire practical training in handling radio imaging equipment and follow the procedures that are associated with it.

Radiology Imaging Technology is a two-year Diploma Level program ideal for the students who have taken Biology as the subject in intermediate. To get admission in DRIT, the aspirants should have the passion for serving the mankind through Health Care Services. Admission to this course is strictly based on the result of Entrance Examination followed by Interview.

After pursuing this Diploma course, the aspirants have the various options from which they can choose their career depending on their choice. Some of the major options are: to work as Radiology Technician, MRI Technician, Radiology Assistant, Radiographer, CT Scan Technician etc

Program Name Duration Eligibility
B.VOC In Radiology Imaging Technology 3 Years 12th Pass
Diploma In Radiology Imaging Technology (DRIT) 2 Years 12th Pass
Certificate In Radiology Imaging Technology 1 Year 10th

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Duration 3 YEARS
ELIGIBILITY: 12th In All Streams
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