1. 1. All the students shall be regular and punctual throughout each session beginning with the first day of instructions. Each student should have 85% attendance in each subject separately. An allowance of 10% attendance is made of illness, which should be supported with Medical Certificates. In any case the minimum attendance shall/should be 85%.
  2. 2. Irregular attendance , habitual idleness, Disobedience or unbecoming conduct in the premises will render student liable to be dismissed at anytime by the authorities. In such matter, the decision of the Secretary /Director/Principal will be final.
  3. 3. Any student found short of attendance (minimum 85%) as per the Rules of Examinations of UHTC, South Delhi he/she shall not be allowed to appear in the Final Examinations. Such debarred students must repeat the course to be eligible to appear for the Final Examinations with required percentage of Attendance (85%).
  4. 4. If any student found indulge in unfair practice or means in the Final Examinations he/she be expelled and debarred from appearing in the examinations for two successive years.
  5. 5. Any damage caused to the property of the Institute must be replace/restored by the student & Guardians(s) concerned.
  6. 6. Students are responsible for the books , equipments, tools and other instruments used by them and shall make good on their loss or damage.
  7. 7. UHTC, South Delhi ,does not take any responsibility for any injury sustained by the student though all precautions will be taken to avoid any accident.
  8. 8. It is compulsory for all the students to participate in the field visits, educational tours & other establishments of historical values. Though all precautions and safety measures will be taken but the candidates , their Parents / Guardians shall be fully responsible for any Natural or Unnatural cause and the UHTC, South Delhi does not takes any responsibility for the same.
  9. 9. Fees of the Course must be paid by the students as per the rules & Regulations/Mentioned in the admission confirmation letter. After the due date the students name shall be struck off the roll No. and he/she Shall be Re-admitted only on Payment of Re-Admission fees of Rs.10000/- only up to 6 days. Re-admission can only be done once during the session. In case of short of attendance or the reasons mentioned under the striking of rolls no students can seek re-admission.
  10. 10. Fee Once paid will neither be Refunded or adjusted in any case.
  11. 11. The parent/ Guardian will fill in the application form with accuracy . The signing of the form will constitute an agreement of the part on the Parent/Guardian and candidate to abide by the Rules & Regulations of the Institute as laid down in the Prospectus and from time to time. For students UHTC,South Delhi/Noida Institute Give Placements Chance maximum three times in which Students not Clear interview then UHTC not responsible and if students clear interview 1st time UHTC not give more chances after selection.
  12. 12. The UHTC, South Delhi will issue its own Diploma after careful assessment of the student's performance at the Final Examinations.
  13. 13. The UHTC, South Delhi will observe all gazetted holidays.
  14. 14. In case of any dispute during or after the training period, the decision of the authority will be final and Jurisdiction for legal proceedings will be NCT of Delhi only.
  15. 15. UHTC, South Delhi will reserve its right to change, delete alter and add of the above rules and regulations as and when necessary without prior information.
  16. 16. Any dispute arising out of the application of these Rules and Regulations or matters arising out of these will be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts in Delhi only. Wherever, the Rules are silent the decisions of the Institute will be final and binding.


I hereby solemnly affirm & declare that:

  1. 1. The entries in this Form and the additional particulars, in reply to the questions above are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. In the event of any information being found false or incorrect or ineligibility being detected before or after the admission, my admission or Diploma may be cancelled or with held by the Director of the UHTC, South Delhi as their Primary Right and I shall be solely responsible for it.
  2. 2. I am mentally and physically fit and do not suffer from any physical deformity or any communicable disease.
  3. 3. I shall be willing to serve in any Department of the Institute/ Hospital/Clinic/ Urban or Rural area at any time during my theory and practical training classes / field practice at my own expenses.
  4. 4. I do hereby agree to pay the cost of damages caused to the movable and immovable property of the Institute or any Department concerned by me due to negligence/mishandling in my work/duties.
  5. 5. I will not keep myself absent from the classes without obtaining due and prior permission from the Principal/Director/Secretary and assure to attend 85% classes(Theory and Practical) and obey the instructions given by them from time to time.
  6. 6. I am aware that Fees, once paid, is neither refundable nor adjustable in any circumstances. The Institute will not be Responsible for any change in circumstances or family economic condition or conflicts , disputes or decision to discontinue the study or any other reason(s).
  7. 7. In case of any dispute during and after training period, the decision of the Management Committee will be final and Jurisdiction for legal proceeding by or against the UHTC, South Delhi will be National Capital Territory of Delhi only.
  8. 8. I shall extend my full co-operation and agree to abide by the decisions Instructions of the Principal/ Director/Secretary of the Institute and shall have no objection if I am awarded fine for any act of misbehavior, disobedience and for being absent from the class and I will not proceed in any court of law or Consumer's Forum/Association in any part of the country against any decision of the Management in this respect.
  9. 9. I shall not take part in any kind of illegal, political activities and Student's Union/ Association/Action Committee etc. of the UHTC, South Delhi or any other Institution/College etc. and if found so, the Management is free to take any adverse action.
  10. 10. That I hereby agree to abide by Rules and Regulations/ Terms and Conditions of the UHTC, South Delhi as mentioned in the Prospectus and have obtained consent of my parents/ guardian to join this course and noted that Fees, once paid is neither refundable nor adjustable in any circumstances.
  11. 11. That I am aware that UHTC, South Delhi is a recognized/ approved/ recommended Training Centre by the various State Governments.
  12. 12. That I am aware that UHTC, South Delhi does no guarantee or assure employment in Central or State Govt. or Semi-Govt. or Autonomous Bodies/ Private Sector in any part of the Country rather it only issues Certificate/Mark Sheets of respective courses as per merit of the student.
  13. 13. That I shall not use any type of Intoxicants/ Drugs or Tobacco, in any form, or Pan/Pan-Masala etc. in the premises of the Hostel and the Institute and I assure to maintain high standard of character, behavior and hygiene during my stay & training period in the Institute.

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